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Give to Woody Allen an acid and throw him between naked women, that is, a nonsense and very hallucinogenic experiment. This is Fongaluli film of 1972 written and directed (in four days) by Eduardo Cemano, a nice man lover of strange things.
Cemano who actually is Ed Seeman, has focused his entire career on experimentation covering various roles (cinematography, author, director and animator) seizing numerous successes and collaborating with Frank Zappa in "Uncle Meat".

"Fongaluli" which is a slang word from a friend of the director, becomes here a portentous leaf capable of giving hallucinogenic effects and temporarily transforming a lobster into a woman.
Professor Wirtsus, in an attempt to keep the lobsters in human form, looks for the leaf that seems to exist only on a remote island.
So begins his crazy adventures in the company of the woman/lobster, with which he runs into a libidinous giant woman, who uses Wirtsus for her pleasure, in an incestuous family and in a skipper of that disappears into thin air after having sex with her. But this is nothing, because the most psychedelic moment arrives in a red-colored finale, where some witches give life to a Sabbath, dancing naked in front of the fire and then letting go to an orgy.
History absurd from beginning to end, well managed by Cemano both from the narrative point of view that from the direction ones.
With simple tricks, especially with the giant woman always shooting from below and with the change of colour of the film, he manages to pass the message and entertain the viewer.
Cemano who plays Prof. Wirtsus is the leader of a group of actors who immediately disappeared from the scenes, but who boasts the presence of Ultramax and the unaccredited one of Valerie Marron, James Gillis and Georgina Spelvin, later protagonists in the hard world
Of course there is a lot of action, a lot of blood and also an excellent soundtrack by Pino Caruso. Not to mention an expert cast who in addition to Porel, Leander and Belli, also has Luciano Pigozzi, Raymond Pellegrin, Gabriele Ferzetti and Giancarlo Sisti. Here is missing the skill, a good editor and the honesty to admit that we are in Italy and not in the USA.