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Night of the animals

We all know the famous Grindhouse circus isn’t? Here we are beyond. In the sense that probably even that circuit didn’t hosted this 1971 film, directed by a certain Lee Taylor, who takes care of everything here. He must have changed his name or he must have leaved the scene immediately after exactly like most of the cast.
It must be said that the basic idea is not bad for the genre, as the soundtrack, but the whole is killed by a terrifying realization that would give us the sense of sexplotation, blaxploitation, litte rape revenge, porn and perhaps even parody (but we are not sure about that).
The story tells about Lee and Harold that with the accomplice Joan flee from prison and take refuge at Stanley's house. The classic American family, father, mother and daughter. There the three apart discussing long eat and dance, heavily bother the family while waiting for the arrival of an accomplice who is having fun in bed somewhere else, as is widely shown, in what is the most hot and longer part of the whole movie.
For the rest you know how it goes. The villains rape the daughter (who then loves it), they get everyone drunk and have sex. Then in the last two minutes the police arrive, but instead of solving the problem joins the orgy. The end. So short because probably there was no more film or perhaps because 58 minutes are enough to make it clear how much, that Lee Taylor, was incapable.