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Santa with Muscles

Every time we find a "hero" of our childhood, we realize how much they take the piss us. One of these is undoubtedly Hulk Hogan, the most famous wrestler in history, a real icon for the children of the eighties. He is the one who brought wrestling to planetary success, proposing good intentions (training, saying prayers, and eating vitamins). The blond moustache that won against all the bad guys, saving us from evil. Well, the most blatant and vulgar Americanism, that hide the use of steroids, some events far from family values and even some racist sentences.
In any case, Hulk Hogan was (and he is quite today) a money machine that also the world of cinema has tried to exploit. Of course, his most famous role is that in "Rocky III", instead one of the most disastrous is that of Blake in "Santa with Muscles. An absolute trash pearl, a terrible film. Among the worst of all time.
The director is John Murlowsky who also works with Hogan in "The Secret Agent Club" and who in his career has created horror/thriller but also comedies for families much better than this.
Blake is a shameless businessman who trades in bodybuilding products. A sort of two-meter Scrooge with muscles. One day while he is playing Paintball (yes he plays it) going fast in the car he is chased by the police. To escape the arrest he takes refuge in a shopping centre and dress up as Santa Claus. He slips, beats his head and begins to believe that he is really Santa. Meanwhile, a very bad scientist tries to dislodge an orphanage to take possession of the magical crystals that are under it. How do you think, it end?
A damn predictable story, with so much sugar and with a very simple production with a cast of expert actors who does not commit at all.
In comparison, the films of El Santo are worth to Oscar