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Indagine su un delitto perfetto

An explosive beginning, in the real sense of the meaning, with Sir.Ronald CEO of a powerful corporation that leaves London with his private plane and explodes in flight. Interesting starting with a parade of great stars: Adolfo Celi, Leonard Mann, Alida Valli, Paul Muller, Janet Agren, Joseph Cotten and Gloria Guida (who goes out naked from the shower).
Ten minutes that represent a great start for what seems to be an interesting thriller in which all point to the armchair of the aforementioned multinational. A film clearly in the wake of Agatha Christie or Alfred Hitchcock also seen the Anglo-Saxon setting by the hand of Giuseppe Rosati (some cites Giuseppe Pulieri instead) which sign with the suggestive name of Aaron Leviathan.
However, ten minutes of intense do not save a film that scene after scene, slips into slowness, boredom and predictability, wasting great potential, a well-designed setting and a super cast.
The chair race of big director leaves several dead people on the street, killed by a mysterious murderer who looks at the victims with a spyglass and with our graceful and beautiful Gloria Guida who rolls from bed to bed while Janet Agren, married to Celi, is not from less, but it is more shy.
A little 'too much polite and above all too much words with moments of connection useless that lead us to the final "plot twist".