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Hectic Knife

Those movies where everything is clear from the beginning: they are pissing out. One of those movies that we like so much and that are not afraid of being ugly.
Greg De Liso and Peter Litvin with their Munrovia Pictures share the work, writing, directing (De Liso) and interpreting (Litvin) a story that speaks of a particular antihero.
Apart from being a decidedly too long film, "Hectic Knife" is not a mere mockery of the genre but it is also an opportunity for De Liso to experiment both on a directorial and narrative level. Very interesting attempts that come up to stop motion and above all are made with a very low budget and with classic home-made solutions.
Almost everything in black and white, this film is fun from start to finish, giving to b movies lovers what they want: blood, absurd moments and unfortunately the total absence of tits (which is the other fault with the length).
Hectic Knife (Litvin) is an avenger / vigilante / hero who try to free the city of New York from crime, using knives and above all managing to heal (with a technique learned in years) from injuries.
Day and night he kills thieves, drug dealers and so on and also saves girls in need. Then he fights the evil man, a certain Piggly Doctor who detonates children. To beat the bad he must also be reconciled with his strange family that has abandoned him.
"Hectic Knife" that is about to come out in Blu Ray, is one of those stories that would make the good old Lloydo crazy, ah ... in fact, Troma has not wasted time and got his hands on the distribution.