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Delitto Passionale

We would like to avoid repeating for the umpteenth time that in the nineties the hand of genre cinema had been lost. But it is the only thing that accurately describes the last film by Flavio Mogherini, (Federica's father for the record) director, author, set designer of great experience and skill that embarks on a thriller, little more interesting than a fiction.
Suggestive atmosphere, we are in Sofia, good cast (Testi, Bolkan), plot with good intentions but realization that erase all the positive things, bringing us into a slow and boring story.
Milena, also called Sonia (Anna Maria Petrova) wife of a famous theatre producer is killed in a hotel room in Sofia after spending the night with her lover.
A homeless man is charged for this murder, while her husband Peter (Fabio Testi) and her sister-in-law Tania (Serena Grandi) take care of Ania, her sick daughter and the luxurious villa. The resolution of the case, however, does not satisfy the young inspector Zanev, who should also be a kind of comic relief, but in reality he is the most unlikely policeman since "Giallo a Venezia".
Between an investigation and a suspicion, Tania becomes an actress for a show produced by Peter as well as her lover, annoying some colleagues (among them Florinda Bolkan) and the man's daughter.
A vein of plot that does nothing but weight everything but that leads us to see the always beautiful Serena Grandi in all her glory. And it must be said that her forms are the only brilliant moment of this work and that they also make us forget that it is very easy to understand who the killer is.