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La Liceale nella classe dei ripetenti

For once in the Italian erotic comedy things change. Well, without exaggerating to tell the truth, but there is something different here. Starting from Gianfranco D'Angelo who leave a farm in the countryside on a horse to go to school. He is a fascist but he does not teach gym as usual, is called Pinzarroni and is welcomed by the janitor Anacleto (Jimmy Il Fenomeno) and Alvaro Vitali who in the meantime has become a professor (in addition to making farts our study secretly).
The beauty not miss and arrives accompanied by her father: Lino Banfi who apparently had a tall and blonde daughter as Gloria Guida  which is then immediately palpated under the desk by Carlo (Rodolfo Bigotti). But she is engaged with Tonino the son of D'Angelo.
The love triangle and revenge for a rudeness of the past at the center of this 1978 film, written and directed by Mariano Laurenti with the participation in the writing of the usual Francesco Milizia.
A film that marks the return in the classrooms of our Gloria Guida after a few different films, but also a film that sees her a bit 'in the margins of the story centered on Banfi and D'Angelo gags, with some shots of Alvaro Vitali well supported by the usual excellent features. Less eroticism and more comedy, a big risk for the genre taken by Laurenti who with some good gags managed to reach the goal. We all fans of the wonderful Gloria Guida have, in fact, less satisfaction and ours show herself only in a cabin on the beach and especially in the room of her boyfriend, where she strips naked.
More fun than many of its similar movies, this film tells the story of Angela (Gloria Guida) engaged with Tonino (Sylvain Chamarande, French actor most likely hired by the production house Jacques Leitienne) who after a trivial car accident (palpando) girlfriend) ends up in the hospital without any consequences. The father, however, obliges his son to pretend to be seriously injured in order to convince her father (Banfi) to give her in marriage and to take revenge for rudeness of the past. But there is also Carlo who is in love with the beautiful Angela. And as always true love and truth triumph, including explosions, electrocutions and ultra trash jokes.