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Santo vs el estrangulador

There are many musical moments, there is the thriller and certainly does not lack the lucha libre. Far we see the phantom of the opera eating a burrito and making this film a sort of Mexican version of Leroux's book.

The perfection would have been to have the good El Santo sing, joining the three pillars of this film and especially the lovers of the musical, the thriller and the adventures of Enmascarado de la Plata. Unfortunately this is not how things go in the film that marks the return to the direction of René Cardona with the screenplay by Rafael García Travesi, which brings some little news and some great nonsense.

Apart from the long musical moments, mostly placed in the first thirty minutes (in which we almost never see our hero) El Santo this time has to face with a lonely killer and not against the usual diabolical being and his many minions.

It’s an original setting, in the sense that we had never seen a film of El Santo placed in a theatre\Cabaret and also with a rather incomprehensible romantic vein.
We find ourselves at the Teatro Variedades where someone strangling and leaving a gardenia ("a symbol of love and death" will then say our hero) actresses/singers. Immediately a certain Marcos is suspected, while is pointing a gun to Laura, one of the actresses. But it would be too easy, it isn’t? In the same way it would be easy if the police knew how to do it alone, without asking for help to El Santo, who arrives with his sport car and starts investigating. As often happens there is a couple who also investigating the case, endangering the good El Santo. That always escape, even by the attacks of the Strangler who tries to kill him when he is on the ring (for the record he makes a mistake and kills Marcos the on aforementioned who was only trying to eliminate the adversaries of his beloved). Before solving this mystery, El Santo adopts a child he finds in his car (but why?), The Strangler makes some victims before falling into the Enmascarado de la Plata police trap and revealing his identity.
Let's break, so if you want, stop here. We go for spoiler

That Goudini was an actor of the Variedades until his partner horribly disfigured him with acid. Killed his former colleague, Goudini live in the catacombs of the theatre and hiding him among the others. And so El Santo runs through the streets of Mexico City, with the money of a compact production, in "company" of an excellent cast and waiting for the sequel "El espectro del estrangulador" of 1966.