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Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead

It is not clear if are the  Japanese that have some problems with sex or if we are us that we show much less our perversions. Then here we go well beyond the perversions and above this movie start in a tough way, without filters. A scene of domestic violence and then a scene, deliberately absurd (though it is impossible to ironize on the matter), of a rape in the street. And then more images of violence with a hard core song that repeats "Rape Zombie! Rape Zombie!".

Although we aren’t conservative we must admit that Naoyuki Tomomatsu takes a hard way for this work. Of course, the intent of this first film of a long saga is not to shock the audience but to make a healthy splatter a bit 'pinku-eiga as only the Japanese with their craziness can do. Indeed, as Tomomatsu, as we all know, knows how to do well.

So even though the concept of violence is very unfortunate, Naoyuki achieves his goals, with a frantic film, full of blood, tits and improbable heroes and equally ridiculous monsters.

Apparently after a nuclear attack, the males start to behave very strangely. They rape women and become hungry zombies. In fact this is a virus that is transmitted through sexual intercourse and especially with ejaculation.

To stop this wave of violence there is a group of women composed of a nurse, a housewife, an employee and a student (in short all the Japanese erotic dreams) armed to the teeth and in the company of the only man who seems refractory to transformation. Between smashing heads, sex scenes, squeezed tits, blood splatters, the mission is not easy.

The direction of Tomomatsu is very fast and tries to make us experience the speed and violence of events with very simple special effects, some good CGI takes us in one of the many craziness of the Rising Sun.