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Women's camp 119

We want to believe the good intentions of Bruno Mattei, as the news report he said that this film had an intent to report or at least seriousness.
So after the erotic boutade of "Casa private delle SS" Mattei plunges again into the nazi, changing perspective and yes, of course, trying to unmask the atrocities of the Lagers. We don’t believe this noble intent, especially after watching a film that is only the chronicle of a butchery (on the other hand was shot in the former slaughterhouse of Testaccio) and that probably would have bothered even the Nazis (so to say eh!).
This is the most violent nazisploitation of history, it boasts several absurd scenes that do not touch the high points of the trash of a genre that we know well, although certainly does not disappoint the blood lovers, indeed, are the only ones not to be disappointed.
With the usual poor budget and with crafty solutions to make everything more believable Mattei shows us a roundup of experiments and wickedness without limits set in the Lager of the title. The list is long but the best moments are reached with a freak like"La bestia in calore" (but absolutely inferior) that triggers his libido squeezing tits, and then appearing without reason in other scenes. There are frozen aviators to be defrosted, a dead man to reanimate with sex (and the experiment for the record works), homosexuals to be converted and organs to be transplanted or tested. Don’t miss licked boots licking, various humiliations, rapes and lesbian scenes. And the plot? Of course it is a thin line that supports all these wickedness.
At the Ronshausen Lager arrives fresh meat that includes Maria Blick (also called Black, Prik) interpreted by the beautiful Lorraine De Selle and Cristina (the equally beautiful Sonia Viviani). The first becomes the assistant of the Jewish doctor of the place who supervises the grim experiments wanted by Wiecker (Ivano Staccioli) head of the Camp and Oberleutnant Otto Ohlendorff interpreted by Gabriele Carrara already seen in " Casa private delle SS ".
Do not miss the kapò that annoys Maria and does not miss the love story between Maria herself and the Jewish doctor. The two flee, are catch and hanged in the only scene worthy of being part of the world of cinema.
With the Soviets at the door the commander orders the extermination of all of them.