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Quant'è bella la Bernarda, tutta nera, tutta calda

Here we are with one of those films whose title gave everything to the viewer. At least much more than the story itself. A decamerotic in some ways courageous, because it comes out of the time, in 1975 that had already filed the erotic stories that gave to the "Decamerone" of Boccaccio the fame of a publication by the "Ediperiodici" in addition to have trivialized the ideas of Pasolini.

The director Lucio Dandolo who in 1973 directed "I racconti di Canterbury n.2" other decamerotico and in 1971 the western "Il suo nome era Pot" represents, given the short career, a sort of mystery, as much as who is the Bernarda (in some Italian slang it mean pussy) of the title (the solution, perhaps, we'll write to you at the bottom). Because in the end there is no character named Bernarda and "maybe", we can think that, thanks to the alternative title here, as indeed in the other movie of the genre, they talk about pussy.

Easy intuition isn’t? Well, in fact, this film does not differ from the style of the genre and puts in a row a series of erotic stories more in intent than in execution, whose link is an Exorcist named Magus (oh well great effort to find the name) which tells these stories to two bumpkin who brought him a girl to be subjected to spell/exorcism of love.

Therefore, behind a curtain Magus gets to work with special "spells and exorcisms", in short, he has sex with the girl and tells between pauses episodes to the other two.

The first tells of a pair of two newlyweds whose parents try to teach to them what they must do on their first night. Then we have Eleonora (Mariangela Giordano), faithful wife, threatened by Sigismondo, who tries with every trick to take her to bed. However, the only one who combines something is a witch.

There is a priest who investigates, with great effort, on the sins of a brothel, then a man who believe to be the most beautiful in the world but who is actually ugly, (a story in which there is a brief appearance of Salvatore Baccaro). Again, the problems of erection of Messer Giannetto (Renzo Rinaldi), cheated by two guys and finally come the legendary Mario Brega. He is the knight Mirafiore, "for a curse wounded in honor". A curse that leads him to irresistible sexual instincts whenever he smells garlic. He rapes the women of the castle, which however (just to give the usual wrong message) feel pleasure and are often found in the kitchen. Some tits here and there and the absolute absence of lighting in the workshop of Magus (effect certainly worsened by the not brilliant version of the film we have seen) and passes the minutes with stories that sometimes have fun but often are too long.

A quality cast (in addition to the aforementioned there are Fortunato Cecilia, Dada Gallotti and many other characters) is by far the best aspect of a decamerotic that can be loved by the fanatics of the genre.

Ah ... who is Bernarda? According to what Mariangela Giordano told to the TV program “Stracult” she was her!