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The last round
If Carlos Monzón gets angry, should be problems for everyone, or almost, as Gianni Dei throws him a stone and knocks him down.
And if the director is Stelvio Massi, then Luc Merenda is among the protagonists and there is the music of Bacalov, shouldn’t be any problems, but at the end it’s enough only a poor script
(much lighter than a stone), to knock down everything.
However, the good Stelvio Massi tries to change, starting from the genre, leaving the poliziottesco and throwing himself into the noir/ganster and using excellent actors and characters. Not to mention that we are grappling with a history of struggle and revenge, a bit 'to "A Fistful of Dollars", as immediately suggests the character of Luc Merenda who shot form right to theleft.
At the end, however, the story is poor, lacking important twists and full of predictable situations between meetings and challenges at the last glance. Even the characters are not big news as the prostitute with a heart of gold (Mariangela Giordano), the poor blind little girl played by Leonora Fani, who makes a very bad end and gangsters from the thirties. The music of Bacalov, however, not at best and very careful direction/ photography are not enough to elevate us from boredom.
Carlos Monzón is Marco Russo, a man from the south who goes up north to look for work. He immediately shows his strength knocking down a large group of people protesting in front of a factory.
Struck by so much verve Benny Mazzetti (Gianni Dei) convinces his brother Rico (Luc Merenda) to hire him among his henchmen. And he gets paid, for some reason, in dollars.
Bobo Belmondo the always great Mario Brega (another link with Leone) is another criminal who is warned by Russo of the trap that the Manzetti brothers have come up with during an imminent pacification reception between factions.
The double game of Russo unleashes a feud and above all hides a very specific plan: the revenge for the murder of his sister.
A super cast that also includes Giovanni Cianfriglia, Claudio Ruffini, Luisa Maneri Susanna Gimenez (partner of Monzón in life), Giampiero Albertini and the inevitabile Nello Pazzafini.
There is everything, too bad the story is missing.