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Il debito coniugale
There are scenes that remain impressed than the film itself. Lost in the memories of late nights in front of the TV to watch replicas of erotic films on regional channels.
What was that film in which Barbara Bouchet weighed a tit for a bet in front of a large male audience? And in another scene she sells her already very light clothes? No, it is not the decamerotic in which she is naked with Don Backy that touch her (another scene attached to adolescent memories). Which then? A big doubt that haunts me. Fortunately, there is internet. The two scenes above are part of "Il debito coniugale" that to see it today makes me understand that yes, it's okay adolescence, the extraordinary beauty of Barbara bouchet is fine but those two moments are also the only decent moments of a film that has very little interesting. Directed by Franco Prosperi (not the one of Mondo’s movies) who works on a rickety story written by a large group of people among whom the only one who can boast of being of the work is Massimo Franciosa.
In front of the camera instead a series of potentially interesting but badly exploited actors. Apart from a secondary role for Anita Ekberg, probably engaged as a commercial appeal and apart from the incursions of Mario Carotenuto in the role of a priest, the others seem to be random and used to the minimum of their potential.
Lando Buzzanca of which I have never had great esteem (but it is a personal problem) is even held back in his usual machismo gags while Orazio Orlando his comedian partner once again demonstrates that comedy does not suit him. Of course, the graceful Barbara Bouchet (badly dubbed) raises interest and quality, but as already mentioned, in addition to the tits and thighs here there is nothing else.
"Il debito coniugale" is a road movie that wants to find it a deep sense speaks of freedom, of lightness and tries (perhaps) to stigmatize married life and a certain conservative culture. All is in the hands of Romolo and Orazio (Orlando and Buzzanca) two former schoolmates who find themselves by chance. The first, who is married to Ines (Anita Ekberg) a rather pressing woman, catches the opportunity that the buddy offers him: take the suitcase and escape. Thus began the wanderings of the two between the Umbrian/Marche countryside, where they meet the graceful Candida (Barbara Bouchet). She declares herself ill (she is nymphomaniac ...) leaves home and her husband to start a libertine adventure with the two. As already said his fluttering clothes, conquer the rural population and also the two friends. At a certain point there is also a hippie on hunger strike, played by Pippo Franco who starts proposing his comedy style. His character, however small, heavily influences a final between the grotesque and the surreal, definitely thrown away.
Prosperi's direction is not particularly brilliant but the natural sceneries (and I do not speak of Bouchet's boobs) convey a sense of freedom and beauty not bad.
In the end, if you want to know the Bouchet's tit weighs 380 grams. And it's the only thing that matters here.