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L'ultima orgia del terzo Reich

Naked soldiers lined up to watch a documentary. There is who farting and who plug the ass with a finger. Cannibals dinner, because one says that Jews should be eaten. Follows naked girl made flambé and orgy near her emitting smoke corpse. And yet, menstruating women launched into a fence full of Doberman fence, or in a tank full of lime or hung upside down above the dangerous rodents.
All of this sound really disgusting, powerful and without limits. It could be”torture porn" in Nazi sauce or one of those episodes that feed the myth of the "snuff movie". Instead the director is Cesare Canevari that breaks down everything with a realization really poor. All "Nazisploitations" are inspired by "Salon Kitty" or "Portiere di notte" but in this case, it go over because we are in quite proof of concept with the Cavani’s movie.
From the first scenes is shown a poor production. We are in an abandoned factory in Lombardy, representing an uncertain former lager camp. There returns Lisa Cohen (Daniela Poggi) accompanied by Commander Von Starker (Adriano Mircantoni) with whom during her imprisonment had a troubled and morbid relationship.
The two are walking in the structure and constant flashbacks show the life and misfortunes of prisoners.
As usually imposes the genre, the jailer are attracted only by sex and torture and rape the poor prisoners
Von Starker is sexual phobic is at the mercy of Alma a very similar Ilsa character.
Lisa resists everything, making piss and then fall in love with Von Starker. Then come back to the present woman takes revenge of her past.
All the clichés of the genre are present but are a caricature of them. But it’s not the fault of an already seen idea, what collapse this film is a really poor realization abhorrent that sees cute hamsters threaten Daniela Poggi naked and upside down, or absurd bath of lime, not to mention the dinner and other less intense scenes of torture.
The interpretations are low-level, but at the level of eroticism, morbid enough, Canevari manages occasionally well, thanks mainly for the beauty of the protagonist Daniela Poggi, credited as Daniela Levy. Known to the audience as host of "Chi l'ha visto?" Was previously, in the eighties, a model for the Italian edition of Playboy and on her website does not mention this film.
But apart from her, there is very little good in this another example of "Eros Swastika".