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Confession of a Lesbos Honey
Directed by Ilias Mylonakos, who also writes the screenplay, considered one of the great Greek erotic directors who managed to cross national borders with some of his films before, according to what wrote imdb, return to Athens, manage a bar and refuse to talk about his cinema period.
The story of this work is a love story with dramatic nuances that almost exclusively serves to show us the protagonists naked or intent to kiss and touch each other in depth. The music that sometimes reminds the one used by Jess Franco and the extraordinary beauty of the two main actresses convinces us to forgive a very light plot and a rather banal direction. Marina (Magda Makris) is an orphan that after his father's death discovers she has lost all his family's great fortune. Pavlos, an old friend, offers to help her and is also in love with her. Marina, however, does not want to marry him because in her heart there is only Elli (Tina Spathis) secretary of her father. So remembering the hot situations with Elli, Marina tries to reunite with her beloved, but a tragic ending breaks this dream.
Among the four or five actors, no more that appear in this film the best known name is undoubtedly that of Tina Spathis art name of Konstantina Spathoula. An icon, a legend of Greek erotic cinema. Finished by chance in a commercial, she is noticed by the usual astute producer, who sees her potential, thanks to the prosperous physique and the wild aspect.
Only two years of career are enough to become the most loved and coveted actress by the Greeks. A sexy icon that, as usual, hides a rather normal life and a career that fades for love and for the choice of giving oneself to music. Also given up the music she puts on a large family.