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Death Valley
A slasher in the “Death Valley” is a great idea. The desert, death, some echoes of the old and Wild West. An American family torn to pieces, in honour of iconoclasm. It is also directed by Dick Richards, producer of "Tootsie" as well as director of "Farewell, my lovely", "March or Die" and "The Culpepper Cattle Co.", films awarded and appreciated by critics and the public.
A couple of tits in the first murder make us think about a good movie. Unfortunately, however, "Death Valley" does not keep the promises becoming slowly a boring slasher, with shades of romantic film.
Something perhaps we had to guess in what, is a long and useless intro. Bill, played by Peter Billingsley, an enfant prodige already very well known at the time that was not lost but became a popular film producer, goes around the city with his father played by Edward Herrmann another well-known face of cinema and TV . At the end of their tour, the man reveals to the child that his mother (Catherine Hicks) will take him on vacation in Death Valley in the company of his new partner, Mike (played by Paul Le Mat, winner of two Golden Globes and know for the role of John in "American Graffiti ").
From here the scene moves to Death Valley, with Bill who dislikes Mike and tries to complicate the holiday. In reality, he succeeds, involuntarily, because he sees a car a bit 'strange that is that of the murderer that begins his long slaughter. Bill is the only witness and is the main goal of the psychopath.
The manhunt (childhunt to be better) and the murders arrive slowly and are not at all surprising or scary. The blood that circulates is not very credible and the choice to underline the topical moments with the music does not help the surprise.
"Death Valley" is a film that is missing something and is certainly not a quality cast but that is that mixture of legend/mystery of the place of the title.