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Lilian the perverted virgin
Franco's films are like a box of chocolates, as someone would say. You never know what you're watching, if you do not read something before, of course.
And then find ourselves after a few seconds with a couple, intent in a double oral sex and then the detail of the same; it’s a bit 'surprising. Ready and go.
Well, actually this film has in its explicit sex its most interesting connotation because it is the first porn movie in the history of Spanish cinema that comes by the hands of our Jess Franco who signed Clifford Brown. As always, many porn scenes have been shot posted with others actors, but some have Lina Romay intent to do oral sex with males and females.
The title instead "Lilian (the virgen pervertida)" is a cunning example of commercial appeal, also because the only one, not perverted, is the Lilian of the title, played by Katja Bienert German actress very young age (and maybe under 18) who is shown without limit. She has participated in some other films by Franco, and then has continued a good career in the world of cinema and television.
But here, in fact, she is the victim of a group of very bad persons. Jorge Miranda (the good Emilio Linder) a respectable and philanthropic citizen, with the help of Irina, our beautiful but a bit 'out of shape Lina Romay, runs a very secret brothel in which kidnapped, drugs and forced girls to prostitute t. One day Lilian end in their hands.
But one day she manages to escape, as we see in the minutes following the sex scenes and finds Mario Pereira (Antonio Mayans) who with his friend Bernardo (Jess Franco) rescues her. The two try to understand what happened to the girl, who slowly tells the whole story.
An almost continuous flashback interspersed with the attempts of Mario Pereira to investigate and uncover this shady traffic and always by countless scenes of explicit sex, central to the whole film supported by a very light plot.
Behind the camera there is a Franco certainly far from the best moments, but sometimes he manages some good scenes. Complete the cast of this film written by the same director, Mari Carmen Nieto, already seen in "La mansión de los muertos vivientes".