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I Married a monster from outer space
We are in the wake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ie alien invasions in the Cold War era. A catchy title, so many words and some special effect not too successful (but not even unwatchable). Premises not particularly good for a sci-fi very interesting that has an important moral a little 'hidden behind a story that you can follow with pleasure.
Most likely is the merit of Gene Fowler Jr former collaborator of Fritz Lang and director of the funny "I Was a teenage werewolf" but also of the faithful Louis Vittes who will also write the screenplay of the 1998 remake.

The two demonstrate that they know the cinema and above all want plant a seed of doubt in the audience, placing at the centre of the story a young and combative wife who finds herself in a hostile society, generating a series of questions about the role of women in American society of the era.

The wedding of Bill and Marge is next. Party time therefore and he goes to the farewell to celibacy. Returning home he meets an alien who takes possession of his body. Marge soon notices that there is something strange about her husband, she follows him, discovers his secret and tries to warn the authorities. But now it's late aliens are dominating, even if she does not give up.
Important underlying theme, with pretty good direction shots that underline the intentions of the authors. A sci-fi, presented in double bill with the best known "Blob" and soon ended up in oblivion before being rediscovered and rightly appreciated by critics. His worst flaw is a discounted happy ending, but does not overshadow the excellent work of the cast.
Tom Tyron who plays the enigmatic Bill was a popular film and TV actor before turning his career into literature (apparently after seeing "Rosemary's baby"). With him Gloria Talbott, Peter Baldwin, Robert Ivers, other known faces of the time.