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Day of the dead: bloodline
One day arrives this tip: "You could watch "Day of the Dead: Bloodline “is on "Netflix" and there is also a fellow citizen who even worked with Banderas".
Tips, which sometimes are good, sometimes not. This is only partially good, that is, only because of the presence of Cristina Serafini, who after having worked so much in Italy, is working with international productions. We wish to her all the best, even better than this movie.
The same wish that we make to the Spanish director Hèctor Hernández Vicens that we hope he will create excellent films, above all because it would avoid the public, the visions of works like this.
Eight million dollars, Imdb says, of budget, a fact that reminds me of the trick that Russ Meyer used, declare a higher budget the real one to create more interest in his films.
Eight million who do not avoid the director to find cheap locations, such as the well-known Bulgaria. Then in this budget there are weapons, guts, some CGI here and there and the search for a convincing make-up, which, in fact, is the best part of "Day of the Dead: Bloodline".
But you know, the zombie vein has been chewed to the bone and it is difficult to pull out new and convincing ideas if you're not a scriptwriter genius, which certainly aren’t Mark Tonderai (who seems he must direct this movie) and Lars Jacobson. And they prove it with a story that seems written by someone who only saw the worst moments of "The Walking Dead", very distractedly "Z Nation" and believed all American action films. You know? Compounds, metal nets, sick children, zombies that run faster than Usain Bolt and above all super military corps so stupid to get easy bitten. But it does not end here, because the heroine is a student (very clever must be said) of medicine and, the villain, which could be an interesting character, is a kind of maniac, who loves the protagonist and has a powerful immune system, then he became a zombie but does not lose a certain lucidity. The Bub on duty. And if that's not enough, there are "heroic" situations that would seem exaggerated even to someone like Steven Seagall, a mediocre direction and an embarrassing montage.
The "Millenium Films" that looks like the most intellectual version of "Syfy" is not new to sequel, prequel and so on (we talked about them for "Leatherface" and had already launched into Romero's wake) and then, in some ways you know what to expect.
The film opens with a scene of panic in a town. Zombies running angry and bite. People on the ground, "harrowing" scenes. Then everything moves some time before. We are in a university hospital and we are attending a lesson in which the talented student Zoe (the expressionless English Sophie Skelton) delights her classmates and teachers, answering correctly the questions about the cause of death of a corpse they are analysing. So good that is the person in charge of taking blood to a certain Max, the man with the super immune system, which bothers her in an obsessive manner and incites the name of Zoe on his skin.
Followed by a university party that takes place on the upper floor of the morgue (damn American universities that do not have rooms! Come to us university!). This is the moment when the zombies go up to party.
Finished this prologue, we find ourselves in a compound in which several survivors live (with the inevitable sick child) guarded by the army and in which our Zoe, now elected luminary of medicine, takes care of all and tries to solve the problem. One day, however, she and a group of chosen people have to go and get some drugs at the hospital. In addition to being massacred on the spot, the military "bring" a series of zombies to the house that infiltrate the base. Among these there is Max. Captured, imprisoned and still in love with Zoe, who however defends him, let him to kiss her on the cheek, only for be able to withdraw blood and create a vaccine against zombism. As we already know, even in the military there are stupid person, ready to create problems.
What "Day of the Dead: Bloodline" leaves us, is the certainty that if George Romero ever awakens from eternal sleep, he would not eat the authors of this film, but would sue them for contempt.