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Die Bett-Hostessen
When one thinks about 70’s sexploitation, the sketch movies and scenes create only for show some nudity, one of the names that comes immediately to mind is that of Erwin C. Dietrich. And it comes to mind especially after watching this 1973 film that in our opinion represents one of the most imaginative and absurd (ie best) moments of the Swiss director.
Everything starts from a title composed of the word Bett (bed) and hostessen, whose translation is the perfect transposition of the most fervent fantasies of the time. But it all starts with a window washer (yes, really) that while cleaning the windows of a building, that of Elite and Universal Film, notes a person who is shooting adult films (role played by Erwin C. Dietrich himself) and enters to tell him some hard stories.
From here, start a series of sketches more than ever varied and united only by the presence of soft-core scenes. We have a pistard who after a race in addition to massages has sex with a beautiful girl, emissary of the CIO, interpreted by none other than Ingrid Steeger muse at the time of Dietrich.
Then our window washer, while working, notices a black girl who is taking a bath and takes advantage of the situation, but an unexpected visit risks ruin everything.
A sexy roulette in a mountain village, with Christa Free another actress symbol of the Swiss director, who undresses and ends up in bed with a couple. Then a slightly weird moment with a doctor and a nurse who are excited to do enemas. There is also an audition for the cinema that ends in a predictable way and finally our hostess who appears for a kind of sabbath in a stable with athletes (wtf!) and finally has sex on a boat.

The Swiss director puts together every glimmer of ideas to create a film around them. Thanks for the speed, heterogeneity and extreme lightness "Die Bett-Hostessen" is one of Dietrich's funniest films.
Surely to raise the level thinks the presence, albeit short, of a wonderful Ingrid Steeger and the aforementioned Christa Free.
For the rest is the usual carousel of set good for porn movies, use of living rooms and any means possible to convey (or rather to try to do), a sense of realism. Dietrich's direction is noted for the ability to emphasize nudity.