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Chicken Park
Every time a new chapter of the "Jurassic Park" franchise is released, our trash brain think only about the most precious movie inspired by Crichton / Spielberg's work. Better than American blockbuster! And so, among many movies have tried to follow the trail of “Jurassic Park”, in this regard we cite the delightful "Dinosaur Island", but nothing and nobody, has reached the heights of "Chicken Park". Jerry Calà directs Jerry Calà.
Behind all this we find Galliano Juso who convinces and exploits the aura the comedian symbol of the most common 80’s comedy, the one of "Milano da bere” or movies like "Rimini, Rimini" and holydays movies of the time. Hero, we must recognize to him, often of memorable "scult".
Here the good Jerry takes a step forward and besides being the main comedian he makes his directorial debut. We are obviously in the field of parody, never been a feather in the cap for Italian cinema and increasingly became a dark area for local artists, as evidenced for example also "The silence of hams" of Greggio always released in 1994. Well , needless to say that the sum of these things gives a rather obvious result and "Chicken Park" enters in the list of the worst Italian films of all time. Calà on screenplay by Gino Capone and the story of Juso, cites an endless series of other films, composing a series of scenes glued to a thin story.
After a long and useless intro on a plane (where appears a sexy hostess played by a very young Alessia Marcuzzi) "Chicken Park, show us that thread of history that tries to keep everything glued. Vladimiro (Calà), boycotted chicken breeder (?), goes to the Dominican Republic with Joe, his last rooster as well as a combat chicken. Joe is mysteriously kidnapped after winning the first match. Vladimiro investigates and ends up in Chicken Park a place where Dr. Eggs is generating huge chickens, helped by his assistant Sigourney (Demetra Hampton). Vladimiro with the help of the assistant of Eggs tries to escape from this deadly trap.
Between scenes created to lengthen the minutes we can see several attempts to parody famous movies. Attempts eh, which apart from "Jurassic Park" see "Alien", "The Deer Hunter", "The Addams Family", "Edward Scissorhands", "Rambo", "Home Alone" and even the parody of the parody of "Hot Shots and “Airplane! ".And to frame all there are special effects that also the good Ed Wood would consider trashy.
Needless to say that Jerry Calà behind the camera is absolutely out of place and proposes again all his style of (non) acting but taking away the pleasure of the
A disaster in all its aspect, worsened by the music of Smaila (a really bad rap that opens and closes the film) trivial jokes and from several homophobic episodes that reach the peak with the fight with a chicken ... gay.
But all these things are not the strangest thing about "Chicken Park" because it does not explain the presence of Rossy De Palma, passed from Almodóvar to Calà. We must not add anything else.
To relieve a bit 'of the pains of the vision of this film think Demetra Hampton which is the protagonist of
two-way jokes and show the inevitable tits. At the time, Demetra Hampton still lived on the long wave of the TV series "Valentina" in which she showed all her beauty. From here, resume in hand, begins her slow exit from the scene. A case? Who knows, certainly and despite all the bad things can be said about this film, which has achieved, however, a remarkable success on TV, has not affected the career of Alessia Marcuzzi in a small double role (hostess and sexy girl in the woods) before becoming a popular face of TV.