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Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
We are sorry to write what everyone wrote, but in fact, this film enters in history only to be the only film in which Lynda Carter is seen without clothes. Fleetingly, we need to underline, but it is the only evidence of this kind. But yes, of course, dear fans, it is also her debut film that opens up a long and iconic career. In case you do not know who Lynda Carter is, you missed a sexy icon and above all a TV show that in a period when there were no porn sites, light fantasies. Wonder Woman and her outfit, which long johns with stars apart, had its sense.
Lynda Carter is mainly remembered for that role of heroine, even though she has done much more in her career and above all, as mentioned at the beginning she is also remembered for never showing herself without clothes, posing at best for some sexy photos.
And so this film is a unique historical moment, in which Lynda shows her beautiful body and moreover in the opening minutes, in a scene where she change her clothes and in another where she have sex with the Outlaw of the title.
Mark Lester who directs and produces thanks to this move shows certain flair in the world of cinema that brings him following several successes. However, he doesn’t know well how a story should be written, because we are in the mid-seventies and we are in a film on the road that does not exploit its potential. There is little movement not enough sex. What a hell! We are in the seventies! You do not need to vaguely follow the trail of dust raised by good Kowalsky with the addition of female roles, to make a good movie.
Because in the end "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" is a parade of the mischiefs of the outlaw of the title, a certain Lyle Wheeler played by Marjoe Gortner (another name we saw in several films) that one day, after stealing a car and won a tournament for gunslingers, meets Bobbie Jo. She, played by Lynda Carter, is a drive-in maid rather unhappy with provincial life. And so, argue with his mother and jump on Lyle's car starting to wander, doing little crimes and having a lot of fun. The police arrive too, starting to hunt d the couple and their friends.
In some ways it seems the children's version of "Natural Born Killer" but all in all these adventures, however little electrifying, are left to follow until the end.
Then, as mentioned, the fame is due to something else and not only to Carter's tits but also to a cast famous for the time, because in addition to Gortner there are Jesse Vint, Belinda Balanski and James Gammon.