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Box Office 3D
We know you will not believe it, but this story is true. Moreover, it is a double horror story. Summer 2011, a friend is struck by a girl who meets at a party. He starts in all the ways to conquer her, she resists and he discovers that she is a great cinema lover. A winning idea comes to his mind: the upcoming Venice Film Festival. Bright, elegant, perfect and romantic. He convinces her to go with him for a weekend with friends on the lagoon and secretly obtains tickets for the Festival. Indeed more, for the pre-opening of the Festival. Nothing less! A thing that then she asks to marry him immediately (we say in a romantic way!).
So far so good, but here are the problems. First of all, he does not understand anything about cinema and due to a strange case of destiny, the Festival's pre-opening is with "Box Office 3D", which is the first Italian 3D movie, but it is also a film by Ezio Greggio.
Convinced of his idea, because Greggio is one of his favorites and because he thinks that a comedy is a perfect thing, he enters in the Sala Grande vey fierce to enjoy the evening and thinking about the rest.
Minute after minute, she becomes frightened. Frozen, nervous. He thinks that something in the pre-evening aperitif has hurt her and does not worry when she gets up to go to the bathroom. He worries more, when she does not come back and ends up in a panic, when he discovers that she was fine and that she left the cinema, because the film was horrible. She disappears so forever from the life of our friend.

Although we should offer friends a shoulder to cry on, we must say, seeing "Box Office 3D" that the girl was also very polite. "Embarrassment. This is the only possible reaction at the end of the projection of BoxOffice 3D "writes Mereghetti, much less restrained by the girl.
And yes, one can think that the parody comedy is not the perfect genre of the Venice’s audience and that probably many saw Greggio as a vassals of Silvio Berlusconi,, but no, it's not like that, "Box Office 3D" is really a horrible film, despite the director accused the critics of having criticize him before to see the movie above all of having written of whistles and silence, instead of the many applauses (?).
Mah ... that night we were not there, we have not seen (it seems bad) the 3D and what remains is the vision of a film that has not a story but that is a series of trailers and pieces trying to parody American blockbusters. Greggio for some unknown reason has always been proclaimed a sort of Italian Mel Brooks, with proven friendship and attempts to follow the trail of the legendary American director, despite not having that sensibility and not going beyond a comedy good for "Drive-in" and "Striscia la notizia" his famous TV shows.
"The silence of the hams" of 1994 that marks his debut is already a good example of the flop, but that compared to this film, it is like the "Frankenstein Jr."
Apart from mentioning Teomondo Scrofalo, his lucky running-joke of the times of "Drive-in" and having an important cast that we will talk about later, the Italian comedian builds a series of unwatchable gags, good for his TV shows of the past. Them aren’t funny and he use some trivial expression clichés and even an unhappy joke about Chernobyl.
"Il codice Teomondo Scrofalo" in which he plays the professor Strong (often called Stronz) opens this work that continues with the parodies of "The Godfather", "Twilight", "The Gladiator", "Fast and furious", "007" , "U-Boot 96", "Zorro", "Avatar" and finally "Harry Potter" / "The Lord of the Rings". There are, to say the truth, some interesting ideas like the wife of "The Gladiator" who subdues him or the band of Harry Potter close to fifty years but forced to continue to stay at school, but these are just ideas putting together by a terrifying writing and an embarrassing acting.
The efforts in scenography and special effects is appreciable but does not raise the judgment of a film full of cinepattone names, with the presence of the good Gigi Proietti (why??) and especially Gina Lollobrigida engaged in a cameo and who knows how in a scene of metacinema that mimics Brooks.

Original title: Box office 3D
Alternative titles: Блокбастер (Russia) Блокбастер 3D (Ukraine)
Year: 2011
Country: Italy
Directed by: Ezio Greggio
Cast: Ezio Greggio, Maurizio Mattioli, Enzo Salvi, Antonello Fassari, Biagio Izzo, Anna Falchi, Giorgia Wurth, Gianfranco Jannuzzo, Max Pisu
Production house: Mendips Productions, Mondo Home Entertainment, Nimar Studios
Duration: 90 '