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Cicciolina e Moana "Mondiali"
Italy is out of the Football World Cup, as we know. And it is with a certain nostalgia that we think back to the victories and above all, since there is nothing to be seen, to two champions who have raise up the name of our nation and in this case of the national team. Ok, ok, one is Hungarian, we all know, but our incipit would not have worked with this premise and it does not matter anyway, because Cicciolina has given so much for Italy, besides composing an explosive couple with Moana Pozzi. Now we can and you can think about all the jokes of the case "has touched more balls her than Maradona" etc. etc. but there is little to laugh, when we talk about this film entered in the imagination. A film among the most cited, famous and perhaps seen, according to what they say in the worst Italian bars or in male-only meetings.

It is 1990, there is the Football World Cup in Italy, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is a successful yuppie who puts hands on a gold mine. Riccardo Schicchi is also one of great success, puts his hands in other places, ok, but always draws a treasure and an enviable reputation. His agency "Diva Futura" rages in Italian porn and launches stars that climb over the enclosure of porn to reach the general public. Needless to waste time remembering all the superstars of the Schicchi’s team and so it is better to underline the great idea of this film: combine football and porn.

An idea that is also the best aspect of all this work, because yes, Moana and Cicciolina are beautiful and good, but the Golden Age of porn has not touched Italy and the super budget for such films are still a dream. And so on, with scenes set in living rooms, bedrooms and hotels, places certainly not luxury, which also shows a disturbing kitsch. The direction is by Mario Bianchi who has already left the genre for porn and who seems to have forgotten every little technical skill. The realization is therefore terrifying, made worse by an annoying music (a certain Charly the author) and by a few jokes, often funny yes, but said with little desire. But nobody can touch the idea.

A guy who badly imitates Montezemolo (with a tuft and a soft R) tells to another guy, the cunning plan to win the World Cup. Send Cicciolina and Moana from opponents to tired with love (oh well, with sex). After an audition, our heroines are recruited and leave on a mission. The first is a certain Kataklisman, German footballer, shot down by our Moana. Then there is Argentina with a kind of Maradona, annihilated by both, interpreted by none other than Ron Jeremy who shows his physical gifts. And techniques (he puts it in his mouth).
The two are reviewed again by two others invited, after the transmission "Il processo ai mondiali" with imitation of Biscardi included. Then Cicciolina face Guillit, captain of the national team that is in the final with Italy. But the performance of Cicciolina with the number 10 of orange, is not enough and so, after a lesbian break, the two protagonists go to the Dutch dressing rooms, to finish the job.
And thanks to them the Italian team wins and the final orgy in the locker room closes a page of unforgettable sport.
To seal it all there are some silly jokes that are not bad and that occupy that short time between one sex scene and another. It would take a remake ahead of the upcoming football world cup.