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Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 3
Where were we? Ah yes, two women were squeezing their tits, while horny zombies tried to rape as much as possible or then and the last remaining healthy males enjoyed the scene. And where are we now? always in the same place, always with the same problems, because on the other hand the third chapter of the filthy zombies was shot simultaneously with the predecessor with which it was also presented. But apart from an excessively long start that sums up the previous adventures, the third chapter of the Tomomatsu’s saga, takes slowly, new and unexpected roads avoiding, at least in part, the risk of boring.

Only in part, because in the end the story is always the same, the two factions always have the same anger, characteristics and desires, but here everything is more focused on the female front that accuses different cracks inside.
At the cry of "Love is making children in the first place, women with women cannot make children. The population in Japan was decreasing and then this toxic men's syndrome ... we have no choice but to annihilate. So we are only killing time until the end "in the female headquarters they have great sapphic sex, nuanced by bullying, generating obvious and violent jealousies. In laboratories, on the other hand, they try to "re-educate" men, using a guinea pig and trying to collect the sperm of the only healthy man left in there. Things create a big problem, partly explained by the usual irresistible naughty skeleton. The male front, on the other hand, plans revenge on "3D" women and assault their headquarters. And so blood, so many sex scenes, different moments of dementia and lots of violence. Sexual and physical violence that touches high points of misogyny focusing on the final part in which the zombies and angry men successfully assault the "fort" of women, doing, as you can imagine a carnage that is sometimes appreciated by the victims (!!!). The notes of the Ave Maria of Schubert, hovers over all this trash, on huge cocks and on burning cunts. The contrast is definitely strong and ultimately successful, according to the goals of the director and the usual Japanese craziness. There is therefore not much to add, in a better chapter of the predecessor and that goes more towards soft-porn and in which Tomomatsu uses techniques and a cast already seen. And it could not be different.