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Les deux orphelines vampires
As someone says "you never forgot the first love", Jean Rollin returns after about fifteen years to the beloved theme of vampires. For different and unexpected conjectures the French director lives an unexpected moment of fame and appreciation for his filmography.
Incredible, isn’t? His rebirth and rediscovery begins with the publication of an encyclopaedic volume about cinema signed by Cathal Tohill and Pete Tomb, who discovers and makes the French director emerge from the grave (virtually).
On this wave of happiness, Rollin directs a film loosely based on his eponymous novel and whose title is a quote from "Les Deux" another novel by Adolphe D'Ennery.
"Les Deux Orphelines Vampires" of 1997 is a film that has much less eroticism than its predecessors but that finds the muse Brigitte Lahaie (albeit in a small role) and that as always seeks a path of symbolism and poetry.
The French director tries and has the opportunity to do things well and above all to see his film distributed in a decent way. He is committed to directing, has a good cinematography and an effective cast that besides Brigitte Lahaie sees Tina Aumont, the faithful Natalie Perrey and Melanie Karali who later became a famous cartoonist.
Everything works, the film is appreciated by critics, but something is missing. And that something is just the purest Rollin, the one that struggles to shoot a film, the one that gives us eroticism and, why not, that a little imperfect. And above all the one able to amaze, to leave the canons as in his first films. All this is not present in "Les Deux Orphelines Vampires", which is a film that treats differently the myth of vampires, which stands out in his filmography, but does not tell us anything new and is often too slow for the times. in which it was filmed. In any case, as far as we are not impressed, there remains a considerable blow in the undervalued career of the director.
Henriette and Louise are two blind girls living in an orphanage. They are two dear girls, loved by everyone. One day they discover they can see in the darkness and be drawn to the blood and the cemetery and start wandering through the night. Dr. Dennery instead is a doctor who decides to adopt them and above all to cure them from their blindness. Dennery, brings them to Paris and the two girls continue with their double life. A life that, however, from time to time puts them in danger, including vampire hunters, demons and vampires that help them. The situation degenerates when Dennery discovers their true nature and is killed. From here on, the two girls start wandering (they even go back to the orphanage), killing victims and living their status freely. The dramatic epilogue, in perfect Rollin style, closes the story.