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Una cavalla tutta nuda
We have already seen so many films like this one and many have written and therefore excuse the repetition, but we are in one of those cases that apart from the title and a scene, there is very little to see. Then the scene and the title converge and it all comes pretty soon.
In any case always bless Barbara Bouchet, the “Cavalla tutta nuda” of the title, which appears as a vision for a few minutes, all naked (as the title says) on all fours, with Don Backy trying to turn her into a horse under the look of the stupid husband.
Apart from this brief parenthesis, this decamerotic among the first of its kind has very little to say. Renzo Montagnani and Don Backy are certainly two great actors but the screenplay by Franco Rossetti (also director and producer) and Francesco Milizia, it’s really poor
The story is a long and boring series of picaresque adventures of the two protagonists, who travel around Tuscany, to go and unfortunately without making us laugh. The engagement in the setting is evident, and is superior to other episodes of the genre, but it does not serve to raise the level of the film.
Folcacchio de 'Folcacchieri (Don Backy) is the usual cunning crook who returns home after a long time. He sells to Gulfardo de 'Bardi (Renzo Montagnani) consciously betrayed husband an elixir for sexual vigor. Then he tries to transform the beautiful Donna Gemmata (Barbara Bouchet) wife of a certain Nicolò into a horse. And finally with Gulfardo he enlisted to go to Volterra to bring an embassy to the Bishop. Arrived at their destination they forget about the message, they are condemned to the stake but they flee, recovering their adventures, trying to make ends meet, making horned husbands.
In addition to the aforementioned protagonists and the brief appearance of Barbara Bouchet, we find other actors in the genre cinema, characters and good performers such as Leopoldo Trieste, Pietro Torrisi and Vittorio Congia.