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The dirty mind of young Sally
Sally flees from the police on a van in the American province. Sally is a heroine because she is the DJ of a pirate radio station, who dispenses sexual advices that are following by the listeners. All this does not appeal to the police who try to catch her. Uselessly. Between speeches and the other we see various sex scenes that also involve our Sally. Everyone has fun, except the police.
Bethel Buckalew, on the other hand, is in one of those rare moments when he gets off his hillbilly and we can even say one of those rare moments in which he tries to tell a story, that is not having sex at the farms. Or better to say, he find a more interesting justification to link the many sex scenes.
Not only he have on his mind the Russ Meyer’s stories but also his way of shooting and a certain choice of the cast, which among other things launches a super star of sexploitation.

Funny idea already from the poster that shows a "vague" double meaning and that relies on an interesting soundtrack. Erotic scenes that travel on the border of porn and lots of comedy. To want to think that the goal was not just yet another sexploitation (there is no doubt but that was only that) we can see a certain criticism of the society, with asshole policemen and young people ready to have fun, on a theme" on the road "which creates a funny film, probably the best in the filmography of Buckalew.
Then of course, with all the good intentions and the many shoots copied from the "King of the nudies", Buckalew is light years away from the cinema of Russ Meyer and as always shows long sex scenes, which after a bit 'bored.
As written a few lines above should be recognized the great merit of having discovered an actress who in the seventies and eighties gives a lot of satisfaction to fans of sexploitation and then those of porn. The chronicles tell that Sharon Kelly, later known as Colleen Brennan, was performing at the "Classic Cat club" on the Sunset Strip, the best Hollywood club that hosted many girls who ended up in the cinema (Haji and Kitten Natividad just to name two) , when she was noted.
Busty red is the classic beauty suitable for sexploitation that begins with this film in which it is signed Sharon Kelly. It is not a quick transition in the world of cinema, but the beginning of a long career that sees her in many other sexploitation, someone worthy of note as "A scream in the street", "Sassy Sue" and others a little 'less like "The beauties and the beast". There are also several small parts in movies known as "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS", "Invasion of the Bee Girls", "Foxy Brown" and two mainstream films like "Shampoo" and "Hustle". And then she is SuperCherry of "Supervixens". At the beginning of the eighties Colleen Brennan became a popular and award-winning porn actress who then abandoned the genre for the growing AIDS plague. At her side the inevitabile George 'Buck' Flower.