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The return of the Killers Tomatoes

Lost between zany parody of horror movies and parody of "B movies", and lost in an 80’s atmosphere this movie, must be underline for the presence of the old John Astin and the one of a young and unknown George Clooney.
Second chapter of the saga about Killer Tomatoes follows a decade after "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes" and precedes "Killer Tomatoes Strike Back" and "Killer Tomatoes Eat France” respectively in 1990 and 1991. There would also be another film, a remake of the first one, whose release has not yet been announced.
California and sun, silly 80s atmosphere and "Return of the Killer Tomatoes!" takes us into a world where the tomatoes were banned after the "Great Tomato War" (of the first movie) has put the vegetables against the human race. A war won only through the worst song ever created: "Puberty Love".
Years later Prof. Mortimer Gangreen (Astin) is leading experiments to create a super race of Killer Tomatoes can be transformed into human at the sound of music and with these take on the world.
One of these beings, Tara, became beautiful girl flees from the laboratory and meets two pizza makers, one of which is with Clooney and with them attempts to stop the dangerous experiments.

A very little horror and several zanies gag worthy of the cinema of the time and good moments of meta-cinema. Nothing special but an unpretentious little film to watch in free time.
The apex is touched when the spoof of Rob Lowe, the popular American actor who in 1988 ended up in a sex scandal, for having sex, and been filmed, with a sixteen year old girl. Clooney in the film, to meet girls, creates a fake contest "Win a night with Rob Lowe".
And who can image that years later he become a great sex icon