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Ballet of blood
Jared Master, says his bio, is a director, actor and jazz pianist, a great fan of Doris Whisman, so much so that he has his name tattooed on his forearm. Maybe it's the sum of all these things that led him to make a film set in a ballet school with an obvious low budget, equally evident references to the classic schemes of the thriller/slasher and a lot of beautiful girls dressed and undressed.
Nothing to say about this last point, which Master makes clear from the beginning, with a topless girl who enters in the ballet school with an Uzi and hurts the first dancer. More doubts about everything else, with a predictable story, lack of credibility of the actors and a narration that is often too slow for a film that includes any situation to get by.
However must be recognized to him a certain skill in exploiting the little budget available, combined with a direction that knows what he wants and that shows us from time to time scenes completely out of context.
An interesting "B movies" of 2015, with a setting that is not new but different from that of many others.
Nisa (Sydney Ray) enters the school and hurts the first ballerina Silvy (Mindi Robinson), who ends her career. The owner of the school Wren (Julia Faye West) and the teacher try to minimize and hide the incident, removing a student named Ria guilty of having given Nisa the shotgun.
The problem is not solved, Nisa has more in mind and Ria, admitted to a mental institution, manages to escape. The only one who sniffs something is a kind of nerd writer who is naturally not heard by anyone.