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Rimini, Rimini
The guilty are the Vanzinas or is the tradition of holiday’s movies? Well, maybe it is not the faults of either of them if after “Sapore di mare” proliferate in the eighties and first part of the nineties a series of trashy and artless films, which resume the holiday theme and which almost always get good results at the box offices. In the end the guilty are the producers and screenwriters, who try, as always, to make money on a potentially profitable subject. The fault in "Rimini, Rimini" is instead of Serena Grandi, which obliges us to split this review into two opposing points of view.
The first one is influenced by adolescent memories, with her going down naked from the hammock and provoking all the time, the usual "fantozziano" Paolo Villaggio. I saw a cat! (her pussy he says) Do you realize? Serena Grandi totally naked! A moment of great emotion for any teenager. Well, apart from her, even the poor Elvire Audray gives satisfaction to teenagers. And then vulgarity, two-way jokes, in Rimini, the holiday destination most sought by young people of the period. So "Rimini, Rimini" remains a beautiful memory of the time. Thirty-one years have gone by since the release of this movie and also passed for us, a current vision of "Rimini, Rimini" shows us some things. First of all, we have become old assholes who no longer enjoy themselves but who are keen to highlight the defects. Secondly, that Rimini remains a beautiful memory but now, if we return, it will be in June / September, good for old boring assholes.
And finally, yes, "Rimini, Rimini" is a really horrible movie, with few things to save. Indeed only one: Maurizio Micheli, who with Paolo Villaggio, Sylva Koscina and Laura Antonelli is the only one who can boast here the title of actor.
Bruno Corbucci sits behind the camera, after writing the screenplay with seven others persons. And this fact should already make us understand that we are in a confusing world.
The film tells, as a genre imposes, the events of several people who arrive in Rimini. The first is Ermenegildo Morelli (Paolo Villaggio), a one-piece praetor who is seduced and humiliated by Lola, a Serena Grandi who shows all she can, looking for revenge.
Then there are the rough brothers Bovi, who try in every way to console their sister Noce (Laura Antonelli), whose beloved (Adriano Pappalardo) is lost in the sea. To do so they hire the very poor comedian Pino Tricarico (Maurizio Micheli), who for a moment manages to break through the heart of Noce.
There is Lilliana (Eleonora Brigliadori), an unsatisfied woman, whose friend Simona (Monica Scattini) tries to throw her into the arms of various playboys. Uselessly. Who satisfies her is the twelve year old son (!!!!) of Simona.
A priest (Andrea Roncato) is in the middle of the sea with a topless vessel hurt on the breast by a jellyfish. She who is actually a nun (Elvire Audray) desperately asks to be helped. Just suck the affected area isn’t? And again, directly from "La mia Signora", with Sordi and Mangano, we have Jerry Calà who tries to conclude an important contract bringing to the buyer, famous lover of the wives of others, a prostitute who pretend to be his wife.
A very clever film, we must admit, that thanks to the many names present and a soundtrack with very famous songs at the time, manages to break through at the box office. A movie nothing less than commercial, because the segment with of Villaggio/Grandi point on the popular comedy style of the first and on the tits of the second, rather than a story that can be understood soon. Instead, the Roncato segment passes almost unnoticed, leaving the excellent Micheli with Laura Antonelli, the task of showing us something decent. The actor grew up in Bari is a great with his comic sketch from vaudeville who no longer laugh. Laura Antonelli supports him well and the arrival of the usual powerful Pappalardo gives us a comic crescendo not bad.
But apart from this parenthesis, the quote of "La Mia Signora" with Calà instead of Sordi is almost an affront, but it is nothing compared to the story interpreted by Eleonora Brigliadori that closes with an unthinkable, for our times, moment of paedophilia. Incredible indeed.
We wonder if it was this bad script or the many versions of this film to confuse the former announcer of Channel 5 and start her crazy social campaigns.