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Rimini, Rimini - un anno dopo
We should have been more curious, let's say hungry, considering we were teens one year older. And yes, of course, even the sequel of "Rimini, Rimini" takes us back to some interesting teenage memories, including boobs, trivial jokes and double meanings, but there has always been something, even at the time, that  have never totally convinced us.
And that something is that here, although it may seem strange, it goes down even more than the predecessor. Bruno Corbucci, with Mario Amendola and Sergio Donati, writes the screenplay, remaining faithful (needless to say) to the plot of the genre and taking new interpreters that should attract a large audience. Rimini, as someone wrote, catalyses again all the silly things of the world and this time the stories are even more absurd and sketchy.
In the charming town of Romagna, we meet Andrea Roncato, always in the role of a priest, sent to a radio station in Rimini to air a religious transmission. But women, to be precise those who are in the radio (Loredana Romito and Petra Scharbach), attract him more than religion. Nicola (Maurizio Nicheli) instead has an adventure with Francesca (Isabella Russinova) but the Texan husband (Adriano Pappalardo) catches them and wants to take revenge. That is, he wants to have sex with Nicola's wife. But Nicola exchanges his wife with the maid, but the Texan is more lord and goes to bed with the maid.
Then the always dear Renzo Montagnani plays a well-known playboy, who goes through a moment of physical exhaustion. Friends in jest, (try to imitate "Amici Miei") convince him that it is a diet problem and recommend a strict diet. He is madly in love with the beautiful Flaminia (Eva Grimaldi) and to take her to bed he accepts an abundant dinner, taking revenge on his friends. Alì (Gianfranco D'Angelo) instead is the best vu cumprà at the service of the bad Teseo (Gastone Moschin), married to Carla (Corinne Clery). Ali in love with the woman manages to cheat Teseo and conquer Carla, revealing not to be a vu cumprà but a Roman that so disguised makes more money. And finally the "precious piece" of the film. If in "Rimini, Rimini" ended up in pedophilia, here we talk cheerfully about rape. Inge is a strict German housekeeper who keeps the girl entrusted to her in prison. The girl takes revenge, calls a radio pretending to be Inge and desperately looking for company and then runs away from home. Three motorcyclists present themselves rep Inge and she is happy (!!!) and becomes from here much open-minded.

"Rimini, Rimini – un anno dopo" does not even give us the trash sympathy of the predecessor, just, right, the esteem for Montagnani that for once have sex with someone. And then if someone is nothing less than an amazing Eva Grimaldi ...