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Last scenes in Cortina d’Ampezzo. "Why not tie us also with Vacanze di Natale?" Will have think Castellano & Pipolo that wrote the screenplay and especially Jerry Calà, behind the whole project. As the latter says in an interview for "Stracult", "Abbronzatissimi" is born after an important "market" hit by Vittorio Cecchi Gori, who stole the comedian from a competitor, that is, Aurelio De Laurentiis. The first ones went bankrupt and the second bought Napoli Calcio, just to underline who knows the market. However, the good Jerry, offers a film made with friends and ready to play with the competition in the Christmas period. His idea, his friends, but direction ends up to Bruno Gaburro who also signs the sequel.
Without this premise it is useless to say that we find ourselves in a holiday film with the usual dynamics: cross stories, tits, jokes, misunderstandings, with the aim of achieving the model and success of "Rimini, Rimini" from which they also copy the location.
As bad as we can talk about this film of 1991, it must be said that Jerry Calà had seen right, because the revenue speak clearly and tell us about a commercial success, driven by a very popular cast.
The first on the list is him, the King of the genre, Jerry Calà, who plays himself, that is a famous and beloved pianobar singer, who is seduced by Aurora with the sole intent to kill her husband. On the sidelines, he is chased by a girl who tries to kill him with the Voodoo. Aurora is played by Alba Parietti, the coscialunga (we must say the long legs) of Italian television, here still not redone and therefore beautiful, although far from any link with a decent acting.
Teo Teocoli and Mauro Di Francesco, other famous comedians, are two spies who pretend to be rich. They park their caravan in the parking lot of the Grand Hotel and went in all the most exclusive places. Among these, we must mention the Manuel’s club, interpreted by the legendary Guido "Dogui" Nicheli. The two try to conquer some girls, but end up being cheated and robbed by Gaspare (Enio Drovandi) who offers them an appointment with Fiorella and Monica, played by Sonia Grey, the sexy nurse of "Striscia la notizia" and by Monika Rebel a 'interesting meteor of Italian TV, also end in Playmen.
Nathalie Caldonazzo, almost debut, is Isabella, a girl who falls in love with the city's black doctor, played by Salvatore Marino. The problem is that her parents (Arnaldo Ninchi and Mariangela Giordano) are two racists.
And finally there is Elide (Eva Grimaldi), a prostitute in love with her protector Marcellino (the current "Moretti" symbol, Pier Maria Cecchini) who mistreats her and uses for gain some money. Willy (Franco Oppini) is the owner of the hotel where the two stay and fall in love with Elide, happily closing the story.
Although mocking movies like "Guess who's coming to dinner" and "Pretty Woman" (whose eponymous song by Roy Orbison resonates to exhaust the viewer) "Abbronzatissimi" finds the right mathematical formula to catch the audience. Important comic name and beauty by their side.
A perfect formula that does not involve stories, all of which are not very interesting. From the most silly events of Elide, which after a while 'are annoying, to move to Teocoli and Di Francesco who do nothing but scream each other’s, ending with the "non-acting" of the couple Calà-Parietti, in which check Renato Cecchetto , the only one who creates a credible character. The only ones who are saved from this are Salvatore Marino and Nathalie Caldonazzo, even if, as mentioned, the idea is not new, the two slip away well, with the words and the verve of Marino who has as shoulder an excellent Nathalie Caldonazzo and above all Arnaldo Ninchi.