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L'infermiera di notte

On this thing we don’t want any discussion: "L’infermiera di notte" is one of the most shining examples of erotic comedy and if you do not agree, you will agree with us that it is by far the best episode in the category of nurses/doctors.

However, we remain convinced of our idea and the fact that Mariano Laurenti here guesses (almost) everything also helped by the writing of Franco Milizia that with him puts his hand to history.

Much of the luck, however, is due to a cast composed of great performers of the genre, left free to run at full speed in the endless plains of the trash. A couple of subplots lighten the inevitable scenario that flies away on the music of Gianni Ferio, with a sung by Gloria Guida.

Ready and go and Paola Senatore, present in a small part, ends up without a bra. Two minutes later it is Annamaria Clementi's  turn. A good start, no doubt about it, which also launches Lino Banfi who fires his jokes in a burst, intertwining with Alvaro Vitali a series of slapstick gags and with Francesca Coluzzi the well-known problems between wife and husband. Mario Carotenuto instead is the bearer of a more whispered and more physical Romanesque comedy. Not missing Jimmy il Fenomeno. But it is Gloria Guida, the nurse of the title, which catalyses all the attention, both those of the viewer, thanks to a white coat see don’t see and the famous scene of the heat on the balcony (one of the best of the genre), both those of the protagonists who without hypocrisy they would like to take her to bed.

The dentist Nicola Pischella, in addition to having a beautiful lover (Paola Senatore) is married to Lucia (Francesca Coluzzi), who has a rich uncle who one day ends up at their home. Uncle (Mario Carotenuto) is actually penniless and pretends to be seriously ill to steal a jewel hidden in a chandelier. The spouses who do not want to lose the inheritance take care of him and hire a nurse at night who is, as already said, our Gloria Guida. At the center of the morbid attentions of Nicola and Uncle, the nurse weaves a love story with Carlo(Leo Colonna). the son of Nicola

A drop in pace in the second part leads to a loss of interest and some insertions, like the discotheque scenes, seem to be tailor-made to lengthen the minutes. But anyway, we must have such nurses