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Squadra Volante

Second film and he find already the right way. It is not for everyone. Stelvio Massi after the curious "Macrò - Giuda kills on Friday", ends up in the world of poliziottesco, which will be, as we know, one of the protagonists. Here he has the great fortune to work with a great cast with Gastone Moschin, after from the films of Di Leo, to move to Tomas Milian who has just left the thrillers and the dusty west and to conclude with a series of shoulders of first order: Ray Lovelock, Mario Carotenuto, Stefania Casini, Enzo Andronico, Guido Leontini and many others.
And as said Massi already puts several things that made him famous, that is a fast pace, chases, shootings and nervous use of the zoom. The usual exciting Stelvio Cipriani take care of the rest.
With a title that can make us think about the work of Corbucci, "Squadra Volante" forces, as well as on the direction of Massi, also on the dualism at a distance of the two protagonists, the monumental Milian and Moschin and on a more than bitter end. A pleasant film among the best of Massi, despite some incredible ingenuity that undermine its credibility. A not exceptional photograph and some vaguely comic insertions but above all a rather forced justification of the fact that the good Tomas Milian is not dubbed (but do not worry Ferruccio Amendola is here and double and another character).
Shot almost entirely in Pavia (with possible sponsorship of the historic and famous furriers) "Squadra Volante" is a film focused on thirst of revenge by Inspector Tomas Ravelli from Marseilles (and it's good that Marseille is a multi-ethnic city but the exotic accent of Milian is not the best). Ravelli arrives Pavia after the band of the "Marsigliese" (Gastone Moschin) has done a spectacular shot, killing a policeman. The scene is the best of the whole movie, with criminals creating a fake movie set to operate without being disturbed.
The blow that exploits several million lire raises the classic problems in the band of the Marseillaise, while Ravelli investigates, however, opposed by the local police that puts alongside him the brigadier Lavagni (an excellent Mario Carotenuto also used as lightening). But this of course is not enough to stop him, on the contrary, he gives him even more strength as well as his sister-in-law, his son and the memory of his wife.