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For sure my grandfather has never seen this film. And I'm happy for him, great admirer of Collodi, a great opponent of certain "libertine" situations that lost this version of the famous story, also known as The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio, which at least would have made him die ahead of time. I, I must say, of a completely different thought than his, I admire and I think this very poor b movie is not bad at all. For example, the fairy Godmother (no less than Dyanne Thorne, not yet the most famous warden in history) shows her tits in the first few minutes. Geppetta (Monica Gayle) creates the famous puppet from a wooden block, to use it as a fun tool. A man-sized dildo! Pinocchio is then transformed into flesh and bone by the fairy Godmother, which often loses her clothes suddenly.
These are the strengths that are also the only references to the book of Collodi, because this 1971 film then takes a personal road with Pinocchio that runs the world or rather brothels with Jo Jo a kind of Cat & Fox who exploits him to satisfy various girls, among which Uschi Digard. Some sufferings, some attempts to return home, but, in fact, our hero has more fun in the brothels.
Colored set, many girls undressed and a final that leads back to the original. Perhaps they could push even more on eroticism or comedy, but the director Corey Allen, who later became an expert TV series director (among them a few episodes of various "Star Trek") packs a fun product, also guessing the performers. Dyanne Thorne aside, Monica Gayle, whose career lasted about ten years, in the world of soft-core and sexploitation is excellent in the role of Geppetta, as well as Alex Roman reveals the "ingenuity" of his Pinocchio. Without forgetting the felt presence of the meteor Debbie Osborne.
Produced without any artistic ambition, let's be clear, but it's a nice b-movie.