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The Black Room

There are so trashy directors, that for a site like ours they become favourite. We can’t be happy for them if, for example, a site like "Netflix" hosts one of their films. The subject we are talking about is Rolfe Kanefsky, already seen here for "The Erotic Misadventures of The Invisible Man", "Sex Files: Alien Erotica", "Jacqueline Hyde", "Sex Files: Alien Erotica II" and "Adventures in to the Woods: a sexy musical ". In short, one that we follow quite well.
We find on "Netflix" this American director, who made erotic films his credo, with "The Black Room" a comedy horror of 2017 written and directed by the same. A film that already in the early minutes shows its intent, with a naughty spirit that bothered a girl who willingly gives in to its advances. We are in a parody, more than a true horror, a movie like "Scary Movie", with comical subtle shades in American style. Pure trash, with a very comic first part and a second part that shows more splatter scenes.
Two opposing characteristics that balance a film that would otherwise be nothing but a erotic comedy, but without many nudity. The special effects then, are not bad, while the story plays a lot with the classic canons of horror. Final included.
The house, a place used and abused in every horror period, is the environment in which our protagonists move.
Natasha Henstridge former model and star of "Species" and "The Whole Nine Yards" is Jennifer, the wife of Paul (the Danish Lukas Hassel). The two have bought a fantastic dream house, in which however the usual demon is hidden, a demon that has remarkable sexual instincts. Freed from the cellar, for the usual pure case, this spirit begins to ignite the couple's desires and then take possession of Paul and try to feed (also) its thirst for blood. Obviously the struggle to get rid of this being is not absolutely easy.