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Christmas Cruelty!

The Grinhouse music of the first images can confuse ideas. Here we are serious, because then, we find a man in the middle of a slaughter. Blood already flows and he rapes a woman and cuts a baby. A beginning without compliments.
"Christmas Cruelty" written and directed in 2013 by a group of semi-newcomer from Norway is a "nice" tribute to the slasher, to the cinema "Grindhouse", but at the same time is a film that puts it down hard. And you know how serious they are when they need to do things right.
The story is very simple, as cultural references impose. This killer loves to kill people who are celebrating Christmas.
After the happy family, we find a group of friends who are preparing the "Krampus" an Austro-Hungarian Christmas holiday, which also involves some areas of Trentino and Veneto, linked to the feast of St. Nicholas, where people dresses as demons and terrorizes the others.
In "Christmas Cruelty" one of Krampus, takes the matter very seriously, is our serial killer, however, a mediocre man of middle age (it is not a spoiler, but we see him in the first scenes).
After this launched start, this film slowly prepares the ground for further bloodshed. A long (perhaps too much) wait that occupies all the central part of the story and in which the two directors play with the camera in all ways and often fill the spaces with music.
But it is a wait that leads us to a very enjoyable finale, in which our serial killer again demonstrates that he has no limits. Rape, cut heads, nails and many other crap, leaving the winner at the end and with a tail music that sings "Do not worry it's Christmas time".
Do you hate the holidays? Here you find the right gift.