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I Was A Teenage Werewolf

We must admit that we had been caught off guard. We searched "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" only for the poster and the beauty of the title, that seem the name of a indie/rock band. Indeed, if you have an indie/rock band and you don’t know how to call, keep in mind this name.
Seen and appreciated. While reading the trivia we had another surprise. We didn’t know that "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" was one of the films that grossed more in the history of “American International Pictures” which until the seventies was a major American production house. "I Was ..." in the first two weeks of release has grossed two million dollars. Two million in 1957. Great isn’t?
Furthermore this movie has helped the career of Michael Landon. If the name does not say anything, Michael Landon was the hero of a lot of film and especially the star of "Bonanza" and of course the smart and feel-good Charles Ingols the show "Little House on the Prairie."
A very extraordinary and bizarre enough success for a movie with a linear and simple plot, for whose special effects are minimal, and whose story is not unprecedented, given the number of werewolves who hang cinema before 1957.
But it is precisely for this reason, for its simplicity and directness and the fact that nobody had ever thought about a "Teenage" that this film has broken through and seeing that today evokes sympathy and appreciation.
Michael Landon is Tony Rivers. James Dean-style rebel young and very irritable, so that even a silly joke sends him into a rage. After yet another attack he ends in care by a physician rather strange. roughly mad scientist who care him with hypnosis and that makes him regress to a previous status... of a werewolf.
Why, Tony was a werewolf is a thing unknown even to the best anthropologists to Lon Chaney Jr and also to Darwin. Not matter anyway. Tony begins to wander through the city unaware of these changes and committing a murder too. Fled into the bush he realizes that something is wrong. He goes back to the doctor, that put him, newly, under hypnosis and when everything seems to be going well, Tony kills the doctor and his assistant in the only time the two get distracted. Need the police for the monster. Bang. Bang.
Very simple no? Yes it is. But "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" has generated a long series of films inspired by the story. Only five months later has been released:
"I Was a Teenage Frankenstein," followed by "How To Make a Monster" and especially "Blood of Dracula" even a sort of vampire’s remake written by the same writer of our mock-werewolf.
In addition to these three many other films, sitcoms, TV series (include the "Dick Van Dyke Show" and "The Monkees") have drawn inspiration from the title or the story changed at will in "I Was a Teenage anything”. Thus we find a wide range of young: Zombie, Dinosaurs, Serial Killer, Monster, intellectuals and Dwarf. In adding a “remake” played by Michael Landon himself in the show "Highway To Heaven."
Finally the music paid homage to this film, the Cramps titled a song "I Was Teenage Werewolf."
Hypnotic. Hypnotic. Hypnotic.