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The Ritual

Actually, the supernatural entity of this film take care not only its followers but the film itself. After millions of horror / thriller films set in the woods and after a billion films that talk about evil gods, we are faced with another story on the same subject. Really awful in the last years of the second decade of 2000, right ?. For some reason we do not feel like rejecting "The Ritual". Yes, of course, the script is absolutely not surprising, the title already explains what it is and the finale is a big classic. But there is a way to tell, a way to shoot (cinematography and special effects included) that at least entertains the viewer, giving him little twists. After several films in collaboration with other directors, David Brockner puts his hand to the novel of the same name by Adam Nevill, with the screenplay by Joe Barton and at the cinematography, true jewel of this film, is placed Andrew Shulkind. A story already seen, as mentioned, that tells us about a holiday of four friends in the forests of northern Sweden (the film was shot in Romania). Four friends united by the memory of another friend killed a few months earlier in a robbery. Everything goes well until one of them is injured on the knee. To let him to take the shortest road the group decides to take a shortcut. And as we all know, it's something NOT to do. On the new path the four begin to witness unexplained phenomena, nightmares, inevitable, including. The bodycount begins to increase in number and explodes when the four reach a village. The villagers sacrifice lives to ingratiate themselves with the forest creature, a Jǫtunn, a giant, who protects them. One of the four is saved thanks to a sign on his chest that identifies him as one who can "honor" the monster. Natural that then he ... well you know. A dark cinematography and a lively direction that manages well to highlight the most exciting moments, are accompanied by an expert and appreciated cast (Robert James-Collier, Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali) and the whole saves "The Ritual" from getting lost in the dense vegetation of monsters and evil Gods.