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Night Call Nurses
A girl (in topless) fall from an hospital’s roof. The cry, not credible, of terror of the nurse does not stop her. And then a pop music starts on the smiling faces of those who will be discovered to be the three protagonists; Barbara, Janis and Sandra. A start to say the least cynical and naughty, for the debut of Jonathan Kaplan over time, as we know, became an important director and producer far from work of this kind. Not only, because among the screenwriters there is another well-known name: the award-winning George Armitage. Produces Julie Corman, Roger's wife, with their "New World Pictures".
The initial curtain that left hope for something weird, actually opens to a film shot in fifteen days, consisting of comic sketches set in a kind of psychiatric hospital, in which patients show all their schizophrenia while they are cared for by the three protagonists.
A non-linear boring story and a cheap acting, for a film that focuses on boobs that sprout here and there or are protagonists of erotic scenes. The only moment worthy of note is that of group therapy in which patients undress.
"Night Call Nurses", however, boasts a cast of names known especially for TV, among the many we find, Alanna Stewart, Richard Young, Felton Perry and Dennis Dugan award-winning director ... "Razzie Awards".