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Satanic Sisters
You know how Franco is when he has a warm hand: he goes straight to the point. Immediately he shows a parade of boobs on sitar music and then an endless series of naked women and soft-core scenes straight and lesbo. Of course it takes almost half an hour to understand, at least, something. But do you know how good Jess Franco was when he had Erwin C. Dietrich behind him? He did not think about the substance, but about the flesh. And we must be honest; here there is plenty of flesh of great quality thanks to the presence of Pamela Stanford, Karine Gambier, Esther Moser and the meteor Marianne Graf. Alongside them are the faithful Jack Taylor and genre actor Kurt Meinicke and the ever-present Erik Falk.
If the playful aspect (not to say onanism that is not elegant) is what emerges immediately watching this film, we must not forget that compared to other commercial erotic works, the Spanish director here, remembers sometimes his best times, giving us a flash of examples of his directorial sample, including zoom, close-ups, without forgetting to reuse a fascinating soundtrack.
Edna Von Stein (Pamela Stanford) keeps her sister Milly (Karine Gambier) segregated and naked, sweating in a bed. The reason, according to Edna, is that the sister suffers from mental disorders generated by a rape, which have made her a nymphomaniac, which must be satisfied.
In reality it is all a plan, managed with a self-styled doctor (Jack Taylor) to take over the family heritage. The doctor who is actually an actor constantly injects a drug that causes highly erotic dreams in Milly. Between dreams, nightmares and reality, one of Milly's lover ends up, the only one, she says, who has satisfied her and tries to save her.
Of course, it is not the Franco of the best times and the many sex scenes sink a lot 'history, but it is a Franco that handles it well and above all saves production, the voice "clothes".