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Jolly Blu

No matter how "fun" were some "musicarelli" we just don’t miss them. We don’t need a film of 883 too.
But the history has been different. In 1998, Max Pezzali was already a little king of italic pop orphan of his bandmate Repetto, but one of the most important artists of the great manager Claudio Cecchetto.
So at the end of 90’s, the director Salvati, the tycoon manager Cecchetto with the distribution of the Medusa (ie Fininvest group), gave life to this great tribute to the old genre so popular in Italy from the middle of the last century.
"Jolly Blue", was clearly an embarrassing flop movie, also incredibly successful when moving to Prime time.
For those who do not like Pezzali/883 this film is a torture as it is for all cinephiles. Minimal plot, bad acting, songs by 883 for the all duration of the film. Ahhhh!
The story is inspired by the life and career of Pezzali except for some licensing script, and takes its name from a place of his youth and from a song of the group contained in the first album
The plot is indeed much to musicarello. "Jolly Blue" is a bar of a little city in the North of Italy. A meeting point for all young people of the place. The owner, however, is overwhelmed by debt and threatens to quit the business. Take it Easy! There is Max! He thinks to help his friend with a concert. A “aid” in which he sing and he is spotted by Saturnino an agent that brings him to the President (Jovanotti) of a record company that hired him as musician.
The cast was full of characters from the Italian-TV. Pretty girls very famous at the time or artists of the Cecchetto’s world. Natalia Estrada, Nicole Grimaudo, Sabrina Salerno, and Alessia Merz to name a few.
We need to assign a special prize: “Looking for future” and we want to deliver to the director Salvati, that prefer Alessia Merz to a young Angelina Jolie, as he said in an interview.
This is the justification: "She was very sexy. Too much for the musical film of 883. For which I do not regret having chosen Alessia Merz, already famous in Italy as tissue. Angelina was too blatantly sensual and transgressive, while I was looking for a quiet girl. Merz is really so "
Really great the comment of Alessia Merz "If she had been chosen, she wouldn’t become 'Jolie'. Maybe she would do 'The Island', and only as Voight's daughter, and married a footballer. In the end, it was better for both”. The only thing to save in this whole story.