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The "reincarnation" of Jayne Mansfield. The super model of the nineties. The Playmate. She is obviously Anna Nicole Smith dream of those times and protagonist of the gossip of the time thanks to the well-known marriage with the eighty-four billionaire J.Howard Marshall.
Not the first play in the world of cinema, "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult", sees her among the protagonists and not even the last one, but certainly the most trash one (apart the specials on her). An action film of 1996 that does not regret the best B Movie in history thanks to an unlikely plot, as much as directing and acting.
Needless to say, much of the work is up to her, both naked and dressed. We see her in a very long sequence in the shower, in bed with her husband, in an exhibitionist flashback, without forget an attempted rape. And we see her in the midst of explosions, jumps and "incredible" twists, which remind us of the fantasy of the "Triple B" of Sidaris.
Directed by Raymond Martino who binds his name to the explosive blonde, for other works (including some tantalizing documentaries) and at his side a series of actors taken mainly from various TV series.
Anna is Carrie Wink a helicopter pilot (I do not know if the first image in which she touches the cloche has a double meaning), married with Gordon a super police officer. For the usual and unavoidable case, she ends up in the wrong place that is on a skyscraper taken by the usual bad guys who want to conquer the world, collecting funny technological gimmicks. They shoot, they kill, explode objects and people and it's up to Carrie and her husband to try to solve the situation.
She plays with the intensity of a helicopter stand in the hangar and has around actors trying to give themselves a tone, but useless. It is up to her topless to raise interest and above all overshadow a flood of errors well listed on Imdb. "Die Hard" to laugh.