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Sex Madness

The flamboyance and flair of a great film-maker never betrays. Even that one of a bad director. As is in the case of Dwain Esper. Undisputed king of the30's exploitation films. He is the pioneer and father of all sorts of bad directors. A man in constant search of fortune. A man with the aim of shock the public and collect much money.
"Reefer Madness" of which we have already talked, for instance, was bought and re-edited by Esper who distributed the movie in exploitation scene. Apparently satisfied with his choice and the results, we find the director behind the camera in a similar film. "Sex Madness". Opera that came after another film on the drug "Marihuana" and after a short voyeuristic movie entitled "How To Undress In Front Of Your Husband".
The intro and the tragic history of "Sex Madness" is very similar to "Reefer Madness" and has the same look of comedy entirely inadvertent. A cult, to put it short.
Sex and the serious dangers that just run with pre-marital, casual and homosexuals relationships. A great spot for a healthy and honest marriage.
We have the usual character, positive and innocent, misguided and corrupted by dark figures and over-confidence in others.
In the case of "Sex Madness" is called Millicent Hamilton, peasant girl, betrothed to the Wendel. She wins a beauty contest and moved to New York. There comes into bad turns, and during a party, confused by champagne and the words of a comic character, she fall in sex and in...syphilis.
Returned to the country she married Wendel and secretly continuing care from another doctor, who turns out to be a crook. Husband and baby son get syphilis too.
In such a context, Esper, cleverly insert scenes of the disease, or that involved sexual crimes, hard-party, winks and lesbian relationship. Last but not least a scene with the confession to the father of a boy suffering from syphilis.

As you can imagine at our eyes this movie is now slow, stale and really ridiculous. To search
for the meaning of "Sex Madness" we must imagine the thirty era and the real dangers posed by syphilis.
Knowing Esper biography is easy to image that the moralizing operation was a aspect that mattered less to the director, who certainly has made a film like this with the intention of hitting the audience and collect a lot 'of money.
"Sex Madness" is still a good trip in the exploitation of yesteryear. A delight for fans, in free download at the Internet archive or in streaming below.