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I nuovi barbari
Enzo G. Castellari was wrong in his prediction of the great nuclear war that was supposed to end this year, but he guessed that we would use hideous hairstyles and strange cars. Well, after all, he had a very positive vision of today's world.
He got it right, however, making a film that is simply a delightful b movie made with things found around, starting with the obvious reference to "Interceptor". A film that has an absurd storyline as much as its characters, their cars and their clothes.
The inevitable objects of any good post-nuke movie are funny cars that recall dune buggies but with lethal weapons that cut heads and explode bodies and above all make the sound of a centrifuge. Not happy, he also puts on an American car with a green-lit dome on the roof.
The protagonists then, from hairstyles more than 80's, go around dressed as Rockets or Star Wars, in clothes taken from Chinese bazaars, or with the first rags found around. The location instead looks like one of the usual Lazio quarries, so loved by genre cinema.

Year 2019 the great nuclear war is over, says the writing superimposed at the beginning and in the world that remains, "very dangerous" characters run. There are the ruthless Templars, in white dresses, led by the fearsome One (our beloved George Eastman) and there is Skorpion, a free spirit with a good heart, played by Timothy Brent, actually the very Italian Giancarlo Prete. A bewildered Fred Williamson, on the other hand, is the fiery archer Nadir, who often takes Skorpion out of trouble and offers to us splatter moments
The struggle without mercy goes crazy, in between end up the usual poor people and two beauties that certainly cannot miss. Alma (Anna Kanakis) an Amazon, in love with Skorpion and Vinya (Iris Peynado) in love with Nadir. Will the hero win? Well, guess it!.
Enzo G. Castellari saves this story thanks to his directorial ability, his skill in keeping up with the action by proposing several slow motion, explosions, chases and fight scenes. Enough for this trash jewel nothing bad even if Simonetti’s distorted and misplaced music tries to ruin everything.