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La fiancée de Dracula
Soon or later, they said, one person has to start a family. Vampires included. And Jean Rollin's third latest film seems to tell us this. Returning, as we know, to his first and only love, the French director does not move his way of making cinema and above all does not abandon his usual locations (see the Breton beach).
Which on the one hand can be seen as a good thing, but on the other hand there is certain repetitiveness and above all a non-adaptation to the times. Because if there is one thing clear is that in this 2002 film it is that Rollin narrates in the same way as his past film that is very slowly and very cryptically.
A drama more than a horror, which despite being at times boring remains the most interesting work of his last period.
The French director tells us about Dracula, who in addition to have a fiancée, has a series of loyalists, a sect, which creates a kind of parallel world, with a crazy dwarf and nuns who protect the future wife of the prince of darkness. In this bizarre world come a Van Helsing-style professor and his assistant, who will be witnesses of this madness.
Between referential self-referrals (in addition to the beach, much more) and quotes from Luis Buñuel, the good Jean Rollin creates a film that was released a couple of decades before would have been considered as one of his best. Here it is a bit out of time, with too literary dialogues and the usual semi-amateur cast.