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Profanadores de tumbas
The strings of a violin trying to choke who are playing it. A wig that tries to kill who are wearing it. A lamp that bleeds causing hallucinations. And still bleeding paintings, a mistreated hunchback servant and much more. The beauty is that we are not in a Lynch film but in one of the many adventures of our favourite hero: El Santo. Produces Luis Enrique Vergara, who with El Enmascarado de la Plata gives life to other films, of which this is undoubtedly the best (read the most insane). The director is instead José Díaz Morales, already direct El Santo in "El hacha diabolica", which here directs a film that makes a vague, indeed vaguely, reference to Frankenstein. The canvas is always the same. There is El Santo, there is a villain, friends of the hero who end up in trouble and a happy ending that comes after a fierce struggle.
The bad guy on duty is called Doctor Toicher (Mario Orea), he seems to have Slavic origins (but oh well ...) but he spent a lot of time in Paris (...), before starting his ruthless experiments. We are in the field of extreme medicine and Toicher and his henchmen steal corpses from cemeteries to try to revive them. But his every attempt, a little for bad luck and a little bit because the dead were not perfect (if they died they would have had some problems, right?) fails. It takes a perfect body. And who? Maybe that of a well-known lucha libre fighter. So Toicher and his hunchback servant, is beat all the time, try to kidnap El Santo (see the lamp) but in the end they get their hands on two friends of our hero, Carlos and his girlfriend (the first professional footballer, the second is a dancer).
As always also El Santo ends up in the clutches of the bad guys, and it is the beginning of the final clash in which ours, after a first loss, takes out the enemy of turn.
And so even the thieves of corpses end up ko, in a film, as always low-budget, very funny (see all the inventions of the doctor and the relationship with his henchmen) in which there are moments when El Enmascarado shows his power. In and out of the ring. Sleep peacefully, dear dead and for all the other dreamlike dreams, busted and psychedelic like this movie.