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The "U" shaped phallic. The clear reference in the title itself. The business view of this film is quite explanatory. And the rest does not disappoint. Because Russ Meyer is still Russ Meyer?
With increasingly pushed explicit nudity, the great American director, scored another funny story, erotic, violent, gore with a plot rather than messy. The irrepressible nudity in this film of 1976 are only beaten by the next and last film of his career: "Beneath The Valley Of Ultra Vixens"
In "UP!" Everything is very fast and very crazy in a thriller and police movie structure.
No matter that in Italy someone have tried to ruin it with a poor and stupid title "The delirious erotic adventures of inspector Margo,". "Up!" ss a film that does not disappoint. Both for the funny story and, as always, for the beauty of the actresses.
From the classic dusty province, we move into an area, but with still rural but with several green woods.
Francesca "Kitten" Natividad the become the favorites of the director and as already mentioned several times, companion in Meyer’s life too, is the narrator who welcomes us all naked up a tree and introduces us in this messy story.
Ready? Let's go! So we have a dirty old man named Adolph Schwartz, impersonator of Hitler, who spends his days in his castle with tricks bdsm, before to be mysteriously murdered during a bath in the tub. Then there is Paul, one of the pastimes of Adolph, who with his wife Alice, bisexual convinced, runs a diner beloved by local loggers. And finally comes the bosomy Marg, who arranged an aggressor and was immediately arrested by the local policeman, Homer, that issued her in exchange for sexual favors.
Margo is taken at the diner who after the success is maximized. But during the inauguration a big lumberjack rape Margo then Alice before fleeing with the two in the woods and before being sawn in two by Homer.
If yours head doesn’t go round here's the coup de grace. After killed the aggressor, the two women consoling each other in the woods. Back home, Marge, is attacked in the shower. Is Alice who the real name is Eva Braun Jr, daughter and killer of Adolph Schwartz that was the real Hitler Alice/Eve kill him because sh was jealous of her husband. Who is still missing? Obviously! Paul! Arriving at that time and shoot his wife because after all he was in love with Adolph.
And Marge? Find that it is an agent of the police sent to investigate the case.
There are also a long list of citations. Hichcock in the shower scene or in Meyer's cameo at the diner. Paul, who stretches a rubber phallus is a clear reference to Alex in "Clockwork Orange".
Tarantino finally take on one of the executioners of Adolph wearing the same mask of skin that is used in "Pulp Fiction" in the scene of violence Mr.Wallace. Perhaps a coincidence or maybe not.
The fact is that Meyer makes us dizzy again.