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Mermaids of Tiburon (Nude version)
The sea feels good. Sun, heat and girls in bikini. Especially those, which if didn't exist, wouldn't be the same thing. A thought that sums the story of this John Lamb’s film. First of all, who was John Lamb? He was an author, director, producer, famous for his naturalistic and underwater shoots who at a certain point must have broken his balls to do things like that and added a lot of sexploitation to his resume. It's clear: tits are better than fish and rocks.
The first film of this new interest is "Mermaids of Tiburon" better known as "Aqua Sex" or even more as the "Nude Version" of "Mermaids of Tiburon".
"Mermaids of Tiburon" was born as an underwater adventure film, no less than for "The Filmgroup", of Roger Corman and from 1962 onwards, year of release, it suffers a tide (I hope you appreciate the combination of the theme of the film and the tide) of re-edits almost impossible to list, which aim to improve the revenues of the first (and ignored) version. The first is "Aqua Sex", released a few years after the original, where it focuses more on meat than anything else. The most famous and available, however, remains this, the "Nude Version", that is, the version in which Lamb adds further scenes of topless and/or half-naked girls, who bring this film right into the wake of the "nudist films". Versions distributed and appreciated above all in US military bases.
Want to know more, besides the fact that the explosive Diane Webber is the queen of the mermaids? Well .. yes, maybe the story that justifies this industrial quantity of boobs. To Lamb must be recognized a great skill in shooting underwater or naturalistic, a little less art when he shoots the mermaids, but oh well, it was not his goal to amaze the intellectual audience.
The plot, I said, tells about Dr. Samuel Jamison (George Robotham better known as stuntman), marine biologist, who one day receives a visit from an elderly gentleman, Ernst Steinhauer (John Mylong seen in the mythical "Robot Monster"), who shows him of the marvelous pearls that change colour found at the island of Tiburon. Steinhaur invites Jamison to his home for further study, but when the doctor arrives at the appointment he discovers that the old man has disappeared, as have the pearls. Behind all this is the hand of the evil Milo Sangster (Timothy Carey, an expert on bad roles and interpreter of "The killing" and "Paths of Glory"), who after stealing the pearls, killed the old man and took the maps left for the island to recover the treasure. Jamison also leaves for Tiburon where he discovers that the pearls are held by beautiful topless mermaids, who ask for his help to save themselves from the villain.
This is a film that seen today says little or nothing to the audience; indeed, it also bores him a little. But it represents an interesting clever if contextualized to the period.